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Ideally dog teeth should be brushed once a week or so. Without care a dog can suffer from the same kind of problems people do, like cavities, abscesses and gingivitis.

I am bad because I don't brush my sheltie's teeth. He just won't have it but while researching this site I read about.

Put cleaner on your finger and rub against their teeth, I am sure he'll go for that! You can wrap your finger in gauze too. There are all kinds of products on the market.

There are also some more "natural" things mentioned like tuna water.... now that sounds interesting. Maybe I should brush my teeth with sardines!

But for us what has worked great is rawhide. For a long time I was afraid of rawhide, having heard storied of creating blockages and such.

But the vet advised that we give a really large bone, that our sheltie can only chew on and occasionally get a very small piece off. I just watch to make sure he does chew it down to a small piece. Its amazing the damage he can do on a large rawhide!

One lady I met from Camelot Shelties , suggested giving a raw turkey neck. The bones are too small to cause problems but according to her they get the teeth

Gingivitis is caused by bacteria in plaque. This is mild but causes the gums to become swollen and tender. There may be some bleeding. If left unchecked it will worsen and tooth loss can occur. A serious infection can get into the blood and cause more serious problems.

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